Black Obama, dark magic, jewels and the mysterious backstage power
Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama usually wear strangely originated jewelries and cultic symbols with high enthusiasm.
They usually wear these jewels on official photos of the First Family and on informal events as well.
They wear the God Hanuman as an amulet, who holds a Trisul in his hand. Hanuman cut down the head of god Ganesa’s (God of abundance) with this weapon, that’s why it is a head of an elephant on its place.
The trishul is a trident, like the figure in Obama’s hand holds in it’s left hand.
In mythology it’s not a good symbol anyway. The religious and ideological background represented by the jewels is hard to understand for the first time, but gather the facts we can we draw some very interesting consequences.

Nowadays Barack Hussein Obama Jr.’s religious identity is very controversial.
The President lived 4 years in Indonesia, Jakarta during his childhood, where beside elementary school he met the Koran as the part of children education.

President Obama does not go to church, neither his family. Although he says he is a true Christian and he prays in every morning and every evening.
He never stated that to which Confession he belongs, however he attended in numerous confession’s church.
His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Musulman, born in Kenya, Africa, so along the rules of the Islam Obama Jr. is a Musulman too.
Obama says he has a Christian faith, but the religions doesn’t play serious role in his life.
He always mentioned this state during the election campaign.
Formally he is a member of the United Church of Christ Confession, but he never attends to worship and doesn’t participate in the church life
In the presidential election he had effect on the liberal atheists, but he used symbols of several Churches as a campaign element, which seem to occur accidentally, but it is communicated consciously, as a planned profile.
The religious Confessions kept distance from him during the whole campaign.
The religious Jews and the conservative Christians are very untrustful with him.

His secret Faith for Islam and Israels’s not full support are arguments often put forward.
It is sure, that from all of the religions he knows the Islam the best. The Islam is present in his family (his father, stepfather and their relative are musulmans) very strong, he was educated in Indonesian Islamic school for several years
There are many proofs of his knowledge of Islam, most of them occur on his official visit and speeches in Islamic countries.
There is a special feeling or reference in these speeches, - some kind of „I am one of you”- feeling, that gains the trust of Islamic audience… He often uses special phrases, that are well heard is Islamic ideology, and the audience like it. (They not just simply understand it, they can feel the real meaning of the speech)

From all of the religious Confession, the Islamic had positive feedback.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, called Obamacare seems to be supported by the musulmans. Not for nothing…
Decreasing the population of Christian people with abortion and contraceptive can cause serious changes in the percentage religious divisions in a few decades.
Obama’s program does not Christian at all, and seems that the only supporters are the musulmans.
He needed time to show his real face. He kept his religion secret, but with his steps he left no doubt about it: he does not believe in Christian teachings, nevertheless: he wants to dilute the Christian bloodline.

 „The American Chatolic Chruch started a two week long protesting action againts the Obamacare ( reducing the price of artificial birth control), because some elements of the draft proposal are seriously harm the freedom of religion, some religious leaders said. This measure causes serious reduction in population of the traditional american christian society within the next 20 years, meanwhile the musulman population is increasing permanently.”

President Obama gained a huge overpower in the American state structure.
All of these are affordable for him in the logic of power. At the same time most of the presidents haven’t reached that level of power, where the inside decision-making system of the US can be changed by only with head officers, because the House of Representatives and the Senate are still exist.
To make these kinds of changes there has to be a huge and concentrated power.  In the structure of the US decision making system there isn’t such enough power like Obama needed for it, the system of check and balances keeps the balance of power.

In case of President Obama we can assume, that he mostly have some kind of hidden or secret power, because for his political acts there has to be much more power, than he seems to have.
He has a relation with a secta that handles a 1 billion dollars fortune, which can be an explanation for this huge overpower.
His decisions fit in the ideology of this secta, which destroys religions step by step, and from thier pieces it builds a new,  authoritarian  and theocratic  system.
This secta is known as Subud by the public, all over the world.

„The african-american Obama suffered several harms during the presidential campaign because of his descent and his religion.
It spreads since a very long time on conservative blogs, that his has islamic religion, he took his oath on the Koran instead of the Holy Bible, nevertheless he was educated in a radical Islamic school in Indonesia.”

The SUBUD itself is the shame of the ortodox Islam in Indonesia, which has the most muslim residents in the word, but it is not more than a mask.

Wearing rings and jewelry are very popular among the members of the Subud. The members of the secta usually wear typical jewels, which they believe have magical power.
The high ranked leaders of Subud are wearing very simple clothes, but to increase their authority within the Subud they also wear expensive jewels. They attach huge power them.

The secta Subud is a special mixture of Java mysticism, magic and the Dharma (originated from India), which is controlled from above, by a theocratic, authoritarian system: The teaching can be interpreted only by the main leader. The Dharma is about the circulation of our world, where the destruction is a natural part of the system, so that is why Shiva can be one of the most important, central God in their religion.
The Secta is based on ordered relationship hierarchy.
The secta is led by a very little group of leaders, who hold the most of the economical power of the Subud.
For an example, they new HQ of the Subud was planned to be built in Jakarta. It would have a special „boat” shape with a huge chimney.

The reason is that the leader of the Secta, called Bapak, would like to buy a yacht, which he could afford because of the huge fortune of the Subud, but as he was too old, they built this huge skyskraper.
1.  The amulets of President Obama.

The President said that this amulet represents a positive and fortunate god, Hanuman.
This god has 8 or 10 hands. The representation with 4 arms is belongs to another God, Shiva.
Shiva occurs in his Four Armed form when he dances, because with his deadly dance he destroys the world to clear the path to Brahmann. So with his furious dance Shiva destroys the whole world.
There is a Trishul in the left hand of the amulet.
The trishul is the weapon of God Shiva. Hanuman cut down the head of Ganesha, the God of abundance, with this. In the mythology after that Ganesha got an elephants head instead of his own.

Michelle Obama often wears jewels made by the jeweler Irwan Holmes. Holmes was born in New York and is a known member of Subud. He lives in Jakarta since the 60’s.
Holmes often uses gems, which are mined on Borneo, from mines owned by the Subud. Because of these they destroy acres of rainforest year by year.
web sites: www.jewelsbyirwan.com -- www.indonesianantiques.com. E-mail: jewelsbyirwan@gmail.com




President Obama and his wife visited to Indonesia, Jakarta, where Irwan Holmes gave jewelry to the First Lady a gift in the Embassy of the U.S. The news could be read on the official website of the Subud.

2.  The picture of the gift

These fact are proofs, that the President and his wife know about the secta Subud, they both have a secret relation with it. If we think about that giving a gift to the First Lady during a presidential visit can be only impossible with the knowledge of the President…


The symbol is 7 circles, departed with 7 lines into 7-7 part, which symbolizes the 7 subud zones. The Subud departed the world to 7 parts, each one has its own special meaning.
It refers to the organization’s very difficult, complex and untraceable, stratified structure.
Using dark magic is one of the main original activity of the Subud. It is it is customary in the birthplace of the Subud, in these days too.
„An Indonesian draft bill in 2013 says, that if some use dark magic to cause illness, death, mental or physical pain, can get 5 years of prison or 31.000 $ financial penalty.
Involving youth is a practice of the secta. Young people can be mentally shaped very easily.
Before they could have any kind of view, or they could know other opportunities, the secta fastly shape them for their own ideology. It is because of that the decreasing population of the members the need replenishment.


The mother of Obama Jr, Stanley Ann Dunham (in her original birth certificate she was named „Stanley A Dunham Jr” after her father, signed as a male), was a Jew (presumably), who choosed an Islamic lover, and was a member of the impaired secta Subud (for over 30 years) while she raised his son. So the son (Obama Jr) got in touch with the secta.
In 1960 Ann Dunham signed in to the University of Hawaii. She took Russian language classes, where she met the islamic Barack Obama Sr.

This mysterious java religious secta was founded by the Indonesian Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, a.k.a."Bapak,", who got the interest of Ann Dunham Soetoro (last name by her second islamic husband, the stepfather of Obama Jr.), the mother of President Obama.
By the way there were many Subud members on the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center.
It is not a speculation, that in Indonesia the mother of Obama had a strong relation with the cult members of Subud. It is also an impressive sign, that her obsequies held on Hawaii , by Subud traditions, so she stayed a member of the Subud, until her death.
The logical chain of the interesting relations mentioned above are ask new questions about Obamas real mission in the world…


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